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Surprising Benefits of Video Games

Who would have thought that playing video games could have any benefits?

But it turns out that there are some surprising benefits to playing video games – benefits that go beyond just entertainment value.

For instance, did you know that playing video games can actually improve your eyesight?

That’s right – according to a study published in the journal Nature, people who played action-based video games for just one hour per day over a period of two weeks showed significant improvements in their ability to discern between different shades of gray.

But that’s not all, here are some other surprising benefits that come with video games!

They can improve your problem-solving skills

A study by the University of Rochester found that people who played action-based video games were better at problem-solving and multitasking than those who didn’t play video games.

Games especially like RPGs or something similar which involve a lot of cognitive function can really help improve your problem-solving skills in real life.

They can help you learn new things more quickly

Video games, though sometimes unproductive when taken to an extreme, can be very useful if you use them for the right reasons.

For instance, there are now many educational games out there that can help you learn things like history, science, and language more quickly and effectively than traditional methods.

Video games have quests that involve unlocking new features, leveling up, etc that make the whole process a rewarding experience, which is why compared to traditional learning, video games don’t even feel like learning. You are just having fun and playing!

I sometimes use it to learn new languages or history. It’s all about picking the right type of video that you can benefit from. Kill two birds with one stone!

They can increase your capacity for multitasking

Researchers believe that the fast-paced nature of action games helps train the brain to process information more quickly and efficiently. This research has implications for a variety of fields, from education to air traffic control. As our world becomes increasingly complex, the ability to multitask will become increasingly valuable. Those who are able to master this skill will have a significant advantage in the years to come.

Games such as action shooters, RTS (one of my favorites), or something of that sort might be really helpful for developing multitasking skills.

They can reduce stress and anxiety levels

Games can help to reduce anxiety and stress by providing a distraction from everyday worries.

I find that when I’m feeling stressed or anxious, playing video games helps me to relax and forget about my troubles for a little while. After a hectic day at work, it’s nice to be able to unwind with a fun game.

I also find that the social interaction involved in many video games can be soothing, helping me to feel connected to others even when I’m home alone. For example, cooperative games like Overcooked can be a great way to bond with friends, while competitive games like Mario Kart can provide a much-needed outlet for pent-up aggression. Ultimately, video games offer a unique form of escapism that can help reduce stress and anxiety levels.

Just make sure to keep it in check and do go overboard 🙂

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