Inpactor — Blockchain-based Social Network

Looking for a different social media experience? Inpactor is exactly the thing you need. 

What Is Inpactor?

Established relatively recently, Inpactor is intended to be the first blockchain-based social network in the region. The platform was created and launched by Incitement — a social business present in 46 countries, to create a social impact.

You may be wondering, “why blockchain technology?”

The use of blockchain technology will simply allow Inpactor to offer a transparent, reliable, and measurable approach to CSR. At the same time, implementing blockchain will also solve a long-standing issue that has been pestering the humanitarian industry.

That said, Inpactor is mainly intended to be used for charitable causes. It is used to attract funding, to recruit, manage projects, measure and report impact, and also to generate awareness about their cause. That, in addition to also being used by brands to create projects and release grants so that they may bring more worthy causes under their wing.

The key elements of the Inpactor platform include funraising tools, volunteer recruitment tools, collaborative project management tools, and community engagement tools. Inpactor is also focused on protecting the privacy of its users by providing an option to turn off data sharing if their wishes to do so.

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