Enhancing Your Phone Battery Lifespan

These days, perma-plugging in your phone while you will away time on social media and playing games is certainly the norm. But this habit isn’t particularly great for the lifespan of your smartphone’s lithium-ion batteries.

Continuing to practise this habit will make for a rather short battery lifespan, as your Li-ion battery is one of the fastest degrading components in a smartphone. That isn’t to say that there aren’t any ways to improve its lifespan. 

Tips To Keep Your Smartphone’s Battery Alive For Longer

Here are some tips which you may adopt to preserve and extend the lifespan of your smartphone’s battery.

  • Understanding how batteries work: Firstly, you’ll need a basic understanding of how your phone’s battery works i.e. the charge cycle and how it’s affected by a full discharge/charge. 
  • Avoid excessive heat: Batteries are quite volatile so you should pay attention to how much heat your phone is exposed to. Leaving your smartphones in the blazing heat will certainly shorten the lifespan of its battery. Conversely, you should alwso try to avoid extreme colds as it has the same effects. 
  • Avoid fast charging: While it may sound like a good thing, it’s really not beneficial for your battery as it may increase the internal temperature of the phone — leading to an immense amount of stress on the battery.
  • Do not overcharge: Overcharging certainly isn’t much of a worry with newer models, but a constant stream of current isn’t great either. As soon as your phone is at 100%, it’s recommended to unplug immediately. Oh, and also avoid overnight charging if possible.
  • Avoid fully charging/draining your battery: Doing one or the other is not at all great for your batteries. To be precise, it’s recommneded to keep your phone battery status at above 20% and below 90%.

Partially discharge your battery: This is an optimal way of keeping your battery’s lifespan healthy in the long run.

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